In their nearly eight years of operation, 107 men wore the Arizona Ranger badge. They became famous in their own time. Then, because of a political disagreement, the Arizona Rangers were disbanded. But the Arizona Rangers’ history in Arizona was not over. The Arizona Rangers were re-established in 1957. The modern Arizona Rangers are a community service organization. They support law enforcement all across Arizona. They also support youth activities and organizations. Today’s Arizona Rangers continue the great traditions of the old west. How did Arizona become a state? In 1904 a bill, or proposed law, was introduced in Congress to make one state from the territories of Arizona and New Mexico. This large state would be called Arizona. The capital would be located in Santa Fe. The bill was amended, or changed, to allow the people of the territories to vote on the idea. The citizens of New Mexico approved the bill. Arizonans voted against it! Six years of political struggles would pass. Then, on June 20, 1910, Congress agreed to a law that would allow Arizona to hold its own Constitutional Convention. President William Howard Taft signed the Enabling Act law. This is a badge of an Arizona Ranger who worked along the international border with Mexico in the early 1900s. The Arizona Rangers helped bring law and order to southern Arizona. Spring, 1901 Arizona Rangers are established. February 1912 Arizona becomes the 48th state of the United States of America. George W. P. Hunt becomes the first governor. September 1918 Frank Luke Jr.’s plane is shot down in France. Luke is killed. 1900 May 1897 Frank Luke Jr. is born in Phoenix, Arizona Territory. 1910 June 1910 Arizona Enabling Act is signed allowing Arizona to hold a Constitutional Convention. 1920 April 1917 United States enters World War I. Chapter 9 • Becoming a State  95