The governing groups of these local agencies are the city councils, school boards, and the county boards of supervisors. These groups deal with local issues such as land use and neighborhood and school concerns. Sometimes local issues are the same as statewide issues and the local and state governments must work very closely together so that the needs of the citizens of Arizona are best served. Leaders at all levels work to make the state a better place in which to live. A What are the responsibilities and roles of the citizens of Arizona? Arizonans are citizens of the United States of America and the State of Arizona. Characteristics of good citizenship both as Americans and Arizonans tend to be the same. Good citizens obey and follow the laws. Good citizens do not steal from or hurt their neighbors. Good citizens get involved with their local schools, churches, and communities. Good citizens make life better for all the people of their state and nation. Good citizens vote and serve jury duty. They are responsible for their actions and are involved in their communities. They work for the civil rights and justice for all. Good citizens are honest in their dealings with others, showing tolerance for those different from themselves and live a life of integrity. They are proud to be citizens of the United States of America and Arizona. Sometimes citizens do not follow the laws. When that occurs the citizen can be forced to pay a fine or lose their freedom by being sent to jail. B A  Arizona counties, 1863 B  Arizona counties today When Arizona became a territory only  four counties were created. Today there  are 15 Arizona counties. Chapter 12 • Arizona’s Government  121