Chapter 6 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary mountain men Kit Carson Jim Beckwourth Jedediah Smith Miguel Hidalgo Hugh O’Connor Fray Tomas Garces Presidio of Tucson Manifest Destiny Mormon Battalion Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Gadsden Purchase Bill Williams Reviewing the Chapter 1. Why was the war with Mexico important to the history of Arizona? 2. What did a new railroad route have to do with the development of Arizona? 3. How were the “mountain men” different from the explorers who came before them? 4. What was the contribution of the Mormon Battalion to Arizona’s history? 5. Why was the Gadsden Purchase important in Arizona’s history? Learning More About Tucson was the first major town of Arizona. Read about the development of Tucson and write an essay describing why it grew. Why did people first come to Tucson? Who were its first settlers? What caused them to choose that location? Why is Tucson called the Old Pueblo? Is that a good nickname for Tucson even today? Solving Problems After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States realized that it still did not have the best land in Arizona in order to build a railroad to California. See if you can find out what the problems were for the railroads in the land that would become northern Arizona. How did America go about obtaining more land for the southern railroad route? 70  Chapter 6 • Territory of New Mexico James Gadsden