These Salado Indian  ruins are found at Tonto  National Monument near  Roosevelt Lake. The Salado People lived between the Hohokam Indians of the Sonoran Desert and the Mogollon People of the mountain rim. They received materials and ideas from both cultures. They lived in both pithouses and adobe pueblos. They both wove baskets and made pottery. Most of the Salado Indian sites are found in the Roosevelt Lake area of today. Tonto National Monument is a Salado Indian ruin. Another group of Indian people were called the Patayan People. The Patayan People developed their culture along the Colorado River. The word Patayan is a Yuman Indian word that means “old people.” Since the Patayan lived along the Colorado River, most of their home sites have long since been washed away by flooding. The little that has been discovered shows that they made their homes by tying tree trunks together. By 600 a.d., the Patayan people were making simple gray-brown pottery. Seashells were carried from the Gulf of California to make jewelry. The Patayan Cultural Area  was centered on the land  and resources found near  the Colorado River. Chapter 3 • The First People: Native Arizonans  33