Chapter 8 Territorial Growth On December 29, 1863, John Goodwin took the oath of office as Arizona’s first territorial governor at a place called Navajo Springs. The territorial governor was the chief official of the territory. The Arizona Territory was now officially formed. Most of Arizona was still unsettled. Almost half of the Territory’s 4,500 non-Indian citizens lived around Tucson. Within fifty years Arizona would become a state. The population would grow to more than 200,000 people. This period was a time of growth and progress for Arizona. Governor Goodwin had the job of organizing the Territory. He set up the capital at Fort Whipple, near present-day Standards’ Vocabulary governor legislature toll roads Wild West Texas Longhorn vaqueros la reata buckaroo reservations Apache Wars Buffalo Soldiers Geronimo Fall, 1851 Fort Defiance established near Navajo land of Canyon de Chelly. Spring, 1857 Lt. Edward Beale April 1862 Battle of begins construction of a wagon Picacho Peak fought road in northern Arizona using between Union and camels as work animals. Confederate Soldiers. February 1862 Captain Sherod Hunter enters Tucson with 54 Confederate Cavalry and claims Tucson for the Confederate States of America. February 1863 President Abraham Lincoln establishes January 1864 Prescott the Territory of becomes Arizona Arizona. Territorial Capital. 1850 1855 1860 May 1862 Confederate Cavalry leaves Tucson. June 1862 Navajo Reservation established in northeastern Arizona. 1865 March 1863 John Goodwin becomes governor of the Territory of Arizona. 1870 September 1858 John Butterfield’s Overland Stage Line begins operations across southern Arizona. 82  Chapter 8 • Territorial Growth