When entrepreneurs borrow money, they must, over several years, pay the borrowed money back to the bank plus interest. Collecting interest is how banks and lending businesses make money for their members and employees. Citizens put their money into savings accounts in banks and lending businesses in order to keep it safe. Since banks use the citizens’ money to make loans, the banks pay the citizens interest on their saved money. This interest is a fee the bank pays for being able to use the citizens’ money for loans. People with savings accounts use their money to make more money. What are the jobs of Arizona’s state government? Arizona’s state government offices are located in the capital city of Phoenix. Here are located the offices of the governor, the state legislators, and other elected officials. It is the responsibility of the members of the Arizona House of Representatives and Arizona Senate to discuss and pass new laws for the citizens of Arizona. Each January, the legislators come to Phoenix to consider new laws or regulations needed to improve the lives of the citizens of Arizona. They also are responsible for making a new state budget. The legislators do not always agree which laws are good and which laws are bad. Sometimes they raise taxes and sometimes they lower taxes. Sometimes they make new laws and sometimes they remove old laws. They are elected to serve and do the work of and for the people of Arizona. The governor of Arizona is the highest elected position in state government. It is the job of the governor to enforce the laws created by the state legislature. If the governor does not like a new law that the legislature has passed, the governor can veto the law. Another elected state office is the secretary of state. It is the job of the secretary of state to oversee the business operations of the State of Arizona. The secretary of state is also the keeper of the Great Seal of Arizona. The Great Seal is stamped on all official documents of the state. Buildings of the Arizona House of Representatives (top) and Senate (bottom) in which laws for the people of Arizona are debated. 150  Chapter 15 • People at Work Today