Chapter 4 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary Teotihuacán Mesoamerica Quetzalcoatl glyphs Mexica Tenochtitlan Inca barbarians Feudal System knights castle Age of Discovery Reviewing the Chapter Draw a picture that would help someone understand the meaning of each of the words found in the “Standards’ Vocabulary.” Remember that maps are types of pictures that give valuable information. 1. Research the location of the part of the Americas known as Mesoamerica. Write a description of Mesoamerica’s location using complete sentences. 2. What was Mesoamerica like before the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus? 3. Why was Portugal so important in the Age of Discovery? Solving Problems Sailing west to reach the east was a great challenge for the people of Europe before 1492. Did they really believe that the earth was flat and that they might fall off the earth if they sailed to the west? Research the early sailors of Europe and see how they solved the problem and challenge of sailing west into the great Atlantic Ocean to reach the lands to the east. Learning More About Each of the cultures of Mesoamerica had large cities with large populations. They studied art, architecture, and the sciences. Select one of the Mesoamerican cultures discussed in this chapter. Research that culture and share your findings with your classmates. Maybe you could even make a Power Point presentation about your findings. 48  Chapter 4 • Arizona in the World