Ideas For Discussion Some people believe that government should keep the peace and do as little as possible to interfere with people’s lives. They believe that private companies and groups will best take care of other problems. Others believe that government must work to solve problems like poverty, disease, and drug abuse. To do this the government increases taxes on the people, and the people are able to keep less of the money they earn. Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors to see what they think about this situation. Then form your own opinion and write an essay to persuade others that you are right. Reading and Writing Connection with Arizona’s History Re-read the page dealing with Sandra Day O’Connor. Identify the main idea and three supporting details of this story. Main Idea: _________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Supporting Details: ______________ ____ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ The historic Yuma City Hall is part of the Yuma  Crossing National Heritage Area. The 1920s  building was once the office of Yuma city  government. Chapter 12 • Review Activities  125