The Sinagua culture was based on corn and whatever food they could gather from their environment. At times they lived in pithouses as well as pueblos. It was the Sinagua who lived around Sunset Crater when it last erupted in 1065 a.d. The Sinagua built many of the tourist attractions for Arizonans today. Wupatki National Monument, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Montezuma Castle National Monument, and Tuzigoot National Monuments were all built by the Sinagua Indians. Another group of Native American people lived along a river called the Salt River. For this reason, these people are called the Salado People. Salado is a Spanish word meaning salt or salted. The holes seen in this picture are the location of tree poles  used when the early Indian people built their homes known as  pithouses. The early Native American people of Arizona never  used the teepee. The Plains Indians of Texas, Oklahoma, and the  Dakotas used the teepee. 32  Chapter 3 • The First People: Native Arizonans