The Teddy Bear Cholla cactus is not so cuddly. Because of its easily broken-off branches, it is sometimes called a “jumping cactus.” This cactus should never be touched. Cacti and their relatives are those plants that most people think about when they hear the name Arizona. These plants are some of the most unique in the world. Botanists classify a plant a cactus when it meets the following criteria: r What Makes a Cactus a Cactus? All cacti are succulents, but all succulents are not cacti. A succulent is a plant whose leaves, stems, or both are made up of fleshy, water-storing leaves. r The leaves of most cacti have changed to form spines. These spines protect the cacti and shade the plant’s skin. Cacti have points of their skins from which the spines, flowers, branches, and glochids grow. These points are called areoles. Glochids are tiny, hair-like bristles that grow from the areoles. Cacti with glochids belong to the cactus family called Opuntia. Opuntia cacti include prickly pear and cholla cacti. Some cacti do not have glochids. They belong to the Cereus cactus family. Cereus cacti include saguaro and organ pipe cacti. Chapter 2 • Arizona Faces and Features  25