Chapter 3 The First People: Native Arizonans People lived in Arizona long before there were cities, airports, or cars. They were here before wagon trains. They were here before the Spanish brought the first horses and cattle to Arizona. They came more than 10,000 years ago, looking for a better life. The Spanish explorers called them Indians. The Spaniards thought that they had discovered India. Now we call these Native Arizonans the Paleo-Indians. Paleo refers to those American Indians who once migrated from Asia. The Paleo-Indians are known to have been expert hunters. Standards’ Vocabulary Paleo cultures Hohokam irrigated pithouses Anasazi pueblos cliff dwellings Mogollon Sinagua Salado Patayan prehistoric archaeologist How did people first arrive in the area? Scientists believe that the first people of the Americas came from Asia. These Paleo-Indians migrated south from Alaska to the area we call the Southwest. Some of these early people went on to Mexico and South America. The first people who made their homes in the land that would become Arizona arrived by 13,000 b.c. They moved from place to place to find food. They hunted mammoth, camel, and bison for meat. They gathered plants, nuts, and 13,000 b.c.  Paleo  Indians living in land  that would become  Arizona. 15,000 b.c.  Great land  bridge exists between Asia  and Alaska; people cross  bridge into the Americas. 300 b.c.  Hohokam Indian  culture has begun. 15,000 b.c. 10,000 b.c. 5,000 B.C. 100 b.c.  Anasazi  and Mogollon Indian  cultures have begun. 0 28  Chapter 3 • The First People: Native Arizonans