Chapter 3 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary         Paleo  cultures  Hohokam  irrigated  pithouses  Anasazi  pueblos  cliff dwellings  Mogollon  Sinagua  Salado Patayan prehistoric archaeologist Reviewing the Chapter 1. Use each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words in a sentence that shows the meaning of the term. 2. Where did Arizona’s first people come from, and how did they get here? 3. List the three major early cultures that lived in Arizona and at least three facts about each. 4. How did the first people who moved to the southwest survive? 5. How have scientists been able to learn how the prehistoric people lived? library to find more. Write at least a page describing the different ways the early cultures obtained food and protected themselves from enemies. Learning More About Choose one of the three early cultures that lived in Arizona about which you would like to learn more. Visit your library to find information about the culture you have chosen. Be sure to take notes as you read. Find out where displays or ruins from these people are located today. If possible, visit the site and get brochures or literature about the people. If you cannot visit a site, write to the national park or museum asking for information about the culture. Finally, write an essay describing as much detail about the culture as you can. Include facts about what they ate, what kind of homes they had, and what their daily life was like. Solving Problems Early cultures in the southwest faced what was often a very harsh life. They had to find ways to feed themselves and protect themselves from other groups. What did they do to solve these two major problems of their lives? A few ideas are in your textbook in this chapter. Go to the 36  Chapter 3 • The First People: Native Arizonans