Chapter 13 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary           economy  depression  New Deal  battleship Arizona  Internment camp  General     George Patton  Bushmasters  Sylvestre Herrera  Rosie the Riveter  rural    urban  Isabella Greenway King  Ira Hayes Iwo Jima Reviewing the Chapter 1. Write two or three paragraphs about Arizona in which you use each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words. 2. What effect did the Great Depression have upon the people who lived in Arizona in the 1930s? 3. Why is the story of the battleship Arizona an important story in Arizona’s history? 4. How were internment camps different from prisoner-of-war camps? 5. How was Arizona’s economy different after World War II? Are these good changes or bad changes? How do you know? Ask your parents about changes they see in the school neighborhood. Ask them if they think the changes are good or bad. Report your findings to your classmates. Learning More About World War II is often called the beginning of Arizona’s great period of growth. Why was this true? What new industries grew in the state because of the war? Why did it cause many people to move here? What changes were created in the state because of this growth? Find some people in your community who lived in Arizona during the period of 1945 to 1955. Ask them what changes they saw and how their lives changed as a result. Write a story that might be published in a newspaper or magazine about what these people tell you. Solving Problems Change is a part of everyone’s life. Just as Arizona changed in the 1940s as a result of World War II, it is ever-changing today. Make a list of the changes that you see going on in your school neighborhood. 136  Chapter 13 • Changing Arizona