When World War II began in Europe, Arizona made supplies to help the war efforts. Arizona farms and mines began growing again. Business boomed. How did Arizona contribute to the American war effort? While the war was going on in Europe, Japan was fighting China. Japan planned to conquer all of Asia. Japan also had another plan. On December 7, 1941, Japan made a surprise attack on the United States of America at Pearl Harbor Naval Station in Hawaii. During the attack the great battleship Arizona was sunk. The United States declared war on Japan, Germany, and Italy. The Battleship Arizona The battleship Arizona was launched from the Brooklyn, New York, shipyard on June 19, 1915. Miss Esther Ross of Prescott broke two bottles over the ship’s bow, one a bottle of champagne and the other a bottle filled with water from behind Roosevelt Dam. One of the gun turrets  of the USS Arizona rises  above the water at Pearl  Harbor, Hawaii. December 7, 1941  Japan attacks  United States Naval Base at  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Battleship  Arizona is sunk in attack. February 1945  Ira Hayes and five other  United States Marines raise U.S. flag on  Pacific Island of Iwo Jima. August,1945  World War II comes to an end. 1940 1950 1960 1942  Japanese Americans  put into internment camps. 1944  Japanese Americans  released from internment  camps. 1952  Evaporative  coolers used to cool  Arizona homes. 1955  Ira Hayes dies  in Arizona. Chapter 13 • Changing Arizona  127