Things found   in 1518 Mexico   but not Spain chocolate corn rubber turkeys hummingbirds Things found   in 1518 Spain   but not Mexico horses cows wheat steel chickens Visitors to northern Arizona can look down into the mile-deep gorge of the Grand Canyon. They settled new towns and worked their jobs as miners, farmers, teachers, and businessmen to develop a strong Arizona economy. They were German, African, English, Russian, Chinese, and Irish. They were Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Moslem, Mormon, and Jewish in their religions. They came from many races, religions, and countries from all over the world. They would soon become known only as Americans and Arizonans. They brought their Old World foods and blended them with the foods of the Mexicans and Native American people. They blended their music, their dress, and their traditions into a culture that would soon be called “Southwestern.” Their way of life became as enriched and as diverse as the people. In the land they found natural resources like copper, silver, and gold that would be used by people around the world. They cut the great ponderosa pine trees of the Mogollon Rim to build homes for Americans from sea to shining sea. They farmed the land, they mined the land, and they built their homes upon it. Then, with great wisdom, they set aside the most beautiful and special part of the land for national and state parks and monuments. These parks and monuments would create a whole new tourist industry for the people of Arizona. Tourism would create many new jobs as people from around the world came to see and marvel at Arizona’s natural and man-made wonders. 162  Chapter 16 • Arizona in the 21st Century