Chapter 13 Changing Arizona Life in Arizona in the 1920s was good. The economy was growing. The economy is everything people make and do for money. The country was recovering from World War I. People had money to spend, and there were many jobs available. Then, in 1929, the Great Depression hit. The depression brought hard times for Arizonans and for the country. During the depression, prices and wages fell drastically. Many people lost their jobs. Businesses closed. People lost their homes. Many, many Americans lived in poverty. Charity groups were organized to help people in need. For a few years, state and local governments tried to solve their own problems, but the economy kept getting worse. Many Americans packed up their families and moved. They were looking for jobs and a new start to life. In 1933, the federal government began programs called the New Deal in an attempt to solve the problems. Many people went back to work and again had money to spend. Business slowly improved. Standards’ Vocabulary economy depression New Deal battleship Arizona internment camp General George Patton Bushmasters Sylvestre Herrera Rosie the Riveter rural urban Isabella Greenway King Ira Hayes Iwo Jima 1915  Battleship  Arizona is launched. 1932  Isabella Greenway  King elected to the  United States House of  Representatives. 1933  President Roosevelt’s  New Deal begins. 1910 1920 1930 1929  Great Depression  begins in America. 126  Chapter 13 • Changing Arizona