Arizona Faces and Features The Indian cultures of the Southwest are celebrated in song, dance, and poetry. The images that these arts portray are the same life forms that are painted on their pottery. They are the same as those woven into their fabrics and chiseled into their jewelry. Their colors are from nature, the soil, and the heavens. The lyrics spun from the spirit they share with their surroundings, Mother Earth and Father Sky, become this tribute to a new day: Hail to the Light! Hail to the Light! The Sun of our Day is arisen, The glory of Dawn fills our eyes! Forth from the gloom of our prison, Greeting the azuring skies! Led on by the Warriors of Morning, Led forth by the Archers of Light, New splendors our bodies adorning, We come from the mothering Night! Our hearts are as dancers upleaping! Our spirits a jubilant song! Like summer-winged birds we come sweeping, Throng within luminous throng! Hailing the Light in its wonder! Hailing the Heaven in its blaze! Where the Dawning hath burst it asunder, Filling with glory our days! Hail to the Light! Hail to the Light! Pima basket 142  Chapter 14 • Indian Nations of Arizona in the 21st Century