Chapter 9 Becoming A State By the end of the 1800s, many Arizonans wanted the Territory of Arizona to become the State of Arizona. The people wanted to rule themselves and elect their own leaders. Some people in the East thought Arizona was not ready to become a state. They thought of Arizona as the “great American desert.” Parts of the Territory were lawless and wild. Outlaws were using Arizona as a hideout. Standards’ Vocabulary Arizona Rangers bill amended Enabling Act Constitutional Convention constitution veto recall initiative referendum February 14, 1912 George W. P. Hunt Grand Canyon State Carl Hayden Frank Luke Jr. John Campbell Greenway Sharlot Hall Who were the Arizona Rangers? In 1901, the Arizona Rangers were organized. They were like the state police. Burt Mossman was appointed the first captain of the Arizona Rangers. He selected thirteen other men to become Rangers. The men were chosen from the best of the cattlemen and law officers on the border. They were experts in riding, shooting, trailing and roping. Captain Mossman required them to be of good moral character. All the Arizona Rangers had to have good knowledge of the high desert area of southeastern Arizona. The outlaws laughed at these Rangers. Later, they learned to fear them. The first Arizona Ranger headquarters was located in the town of Bisbee. In their first two years, the Rangers made about 1,800 arrests. The Rangers helped to make the territory safe. October 1870 Sharlot Hall is born in Lincoln County, Kansas. October 1877 Carl Hayden is born at Hayden’s Ferry, Arizona Territory. 1870 1880 1890 94  Chapter 9 • Becoming a State