Chapter 16 Arizona in the 21st Century On January 1, 2000, Arizonans along with the people of the world celebrated the beginning of the 21st century. On this historic date, Arizona had been a part of the United States for only 152 years. It had been a state of the United States for only 88 years. The land that would become Arizona was home only to the Native Americans before A.D. 1540. Then the Europeans from Spain arrived. Standards’ Vocabulary history current events historian primary sources secondary sources archaeologist anthropologist Who met the first Europeans? The first to meet the Spanish were Tohono O’odham Indians of southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Then the Pima Indians of the Santa Cruz and San Pedro River Valleys would witness the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Within two months it was the Native Indians of northeastern Arizona, the Hopi and Navajo, who made contact with the soldiers and priest from Spain. Soon the Apache people of southeastern Arizona and the Pai people of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River were to make that first contact with the Europeans. The history of Arizona and its people would never be the same. The Spanish first brought their swords to the native people of Arizona. But they would soon also bring their culture. The Spanish brought to this land their language, their food, their architecture, and their religious customs. The Spanish were also the first to bring the horse to the Americas. Within 300, years this animal would become a legend in the Wild West. The men and women from Spain brought with them parts of their culture that are loved and enjoyed by Arizonans even in the 21st century. Picture shows some of the weapons and armor worn by the Spanish conquistadors when they first came to Arizona. 160  Chapter 16 • Arizona in the 21st Century