Chapter 11 Arizona’s People Arizona is rich in many ways. It is rich in natural resources. A natural resource is something such as a mineral, waterpower source, forest, or kind of animal that is found in nature and is valuable to humans. Arizona also has many scenic wonders. But its people are its greatest treasure. Arizona’s heritage comes from its pioneer spirit. Heritage means the traditions of a people. Arizona’s people came here to make life better for themselves. First were the Native Americans who probably came across the frozen, Alaska land bridge from Asia. Later, the Spanish came on horseback. Pioneers came by wagon. Today thousands of people are moving to Arizona. They are looking for a better life, too. The people of Arizona are different from one another. They have brought their own customs, languages, and traditions. Arizona is a multicultural state. Multi means many; so multi-cultural means many cultures. Standards’ Vocabulary natural resource heritage multicultural minority migrate Carmen Soto Vasquez Hispanic Fred Harvey Harvey House Harvey Girls Barry M. Goldwater April, 1869 Anson P. K. Safford appointed governor of the Arizona Territory and becomes known as the “Father of Arizona’s Public Schools.” October 1891 University of Arizona opens in Tucson. August 1901 Sedona and Theodore Schnebly arrive in Oak Creek Canyon area. 1870 1880 1890 1900 March 1872 First public school opens in Tucson. Summer, 1876 First Fred Harvey House opens in Topeka, Kansas. April 1894 Construction of Lowell Observatory begins in Flagstaff. March 1902 Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter begins working for the Fred Harvey Company. 108  Chapter 11 • Arizona’s People