Chapter 5 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary Hernan Cortes Mexica Indians Aztecs Marina Cabeza de Vaca Fray Marcos de Niza Estevan conquistador Francisco Vásquez de Coronado Hawikuh Zuni Indians Father Kino Pimeria Alta missions San Xavier del Bac presidio Tubac Reviewing the Chapter 1. Write a sentence about each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words, explaining why the person or place is important to the history of Arizona. 2. What were the three main reasons why the Spanish first began to explore what is now Arizona? 3. Why did the Indians react differently to Father Kino than to the other explorers? 4. How did Coronado’s men happen to find the Grand Canyon? 5. Why was Coronado’s trip into the Arizona area considered a failure? been mainly interested in learning about other people and finding places for new farming settlements. How do you think the history of Arizona might have been changed, especially for the Indian people? Learning More About Father Kino sought to bring Christianity to the Indians. At the same time, he brought methods of farming to them. Do a research project on Father Kino and write an essay telling what you found. Why did he come to New Spain (Mexico) in the first place? How did he live? Where did he go? What did he accomplish? What were the results of his efforts? How did the Indians receive him? Solving Problems Exploration by the Spanish made major changes in the lives of the Indian people who already lived in what is now Arizona. What were those changes? How might those changes have been different if the reasons for the exploration had been different? Suppose that the Spanish had 60  Chapter 5 • The Second People: Explorers and Settlers Ideas For Discussion There has long been an argument about whether exploration by the Spanish and other Europeans was good. On a sheet of paper, list the benefits that have come from the exploration; then list the harmful