Chapter 1 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary contrast astronomer Percival Lowell Clyde Tombaugh Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter Santa Fe Railroad Sedona Schnebly compass rose Reviewing the Chapter 1. Using complete sentences, write a brief definition of each word in the above “Standards’ Vocabulary.” 2. Why is Arizona called a “land of contrasts and wonders”? 3. Why has tourism become a major source of income for Arizona? 4. Why do you think Percival Lowell, Clyde Tombaugh and Mary Colter are important people in the history of Arizona? 5. In a short paragraph, summarize the story of how Sedona, Arizona got its name. and talk with members of your family and other adults who can give you some ideas. Learning More About How the towns and places of Arizona received their names is an interesting study of history. Sometimes the places of Arizona were named after the people who first lived there. Sometimes they were named after a special feature of the land. See if you can discover how the places of Arizona near you got their names. Start by trying to find out how your school got its name. Continue and see if you can learn how your town received its name. Finally, pick five other towns or places in Arizona and see if you can learn how each got its name. Report your findings to your classmates. Solving Problems This chapter lists pollution and energy as two problems faced by people living in Arizona today. What are some of the other big problems in our cities and the rural areas? List them in one or two words; next to the problems write as many causes of each problem as you can. Use your library, 14  Chapter 1 • Arizona Today Ideas For Discussion Develop an argument for or against an issue described in the chapter. For instance, do you believe that more people moving to Arizona is “progress?” List all of the reasons