This monument honors the men and women of Arizona who fought in the Vietnam War. It is located at Wesley Bolin Plaza near the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix. Why do we remember our early Arizonans? And, when called upon to fight for their way of life, Arizonans went to war. They were known as Rough Riders, Bushmasters, and Army Rangers. They loved Arizona and the United States of America. They were great patriots. They freely gave their “fortunes, lives and sacred honor” for Arizonans of the 21st century. Many of these early, great Arizonans are remembered in statues and sculptures in towns and cities around the state. The monuments of Wesley Bolin Plaza at the state capitol in Phoenix remind Arizonans of the 21st century of their sacrifice. War heroes from Pearl Harbor, the Korean, and Vietnam Wars are all remembered there, as are Arizona lawmen who have given their lives in service to other Arizonans. For Arizonans of the 21st century our task is to remember those who came before us. We must remember the sacrifices they made for us in building this great state. We must remember those who gave their lives so that we might live in freedom. We must remember those who preserved Arizona’s natural wonders for us to admire and enjoy. We must remember their many cultures from many lands that enrich us with food, music, art, and architecture. We must remember and live in ways that will create an even better land for Arizonans of the 22nd century. Chapter 16 • Arizona in the 21st Century  163