A B A These old buildings  are a part of Poston,  the City in the Sun near  Parker, Arizona. Poston  was one of two Japanese  internment camps once  found in Arizona. B  Remains of old furniture  once used by American  citizens in the Poston  internment camp. The largest of these camps was built along the Colorado River near Parker, Arizona. It was called Poston, the City in the Sun. Here, over 18,000 American citizens were treated as enemy aliens. They were forced to live in a city made of shacks from April 1942 to March 1946. Near Sacaton, Arizona, just south of Phoenix, another Japanese internment camp was started. Here, over 13,000 American citizens were kept under guard for almost four years. When these American citizens were finally released in May 1944, most had lost their homes, their land, and their businesses. It was not until October 9, 1990, that United States President George Bush made an official apology to these American citizens. He told them that the United States of America was sorry for what had happened to them during World War II. A tragic story for many American citizens had finally come to an end. How did Arizona help during World War II? There were also new Army bases and new Air Force bases constructed in Arizona. Soldiers were trained in Arizona. 130  Chapter 13 • Changing Arizona