prime meridian • Wild West prime meridian  [prahym muh-rid-ee-uhn] The imaginary line that is often used to divide Earth into the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. (16) prospector  [pros-pek-ter] A person looking for minerals, such as gold. (99) pueblo  [pweb-loh] The Spanish word for “village.” (17) territory  [ter-i-tawr-ee] An area of land that belongs to a nation but is not a state and is not represented in the national government. (67) Texas Longhorn  [tek-suhs lawng-hawrn] Breed of Texas cattle that was the bedrock of the American cattle industry. (85) Tierra Incognita  [tee-air-a in-cog-nee-tah] The unknown lands of northern New Spain. (20) tourism  [toor-iz-uhm] The business of serving visitors. (11) tradition  [truh-dish-uhn] A way of life or an idea that has been handed down from the past. (41) Q Quetzalcoatl  [ket-sahl-koh-aht-l] Ancient god of the Toltec people. (29) R recall  [ree-kawl] Way by which a public official can be removed from office. (96) referendum  [ref-uh-ren-duhm] Way that citizens can suggest a change in the Arizona constitution. (96) reservation  [rez-er-vey-shuhn] Land set aside by the government for use by Native Americans. (140) responsibility  [ri-spon-suh-bil-i-tee] A duty that a person should do. (150) U Union  [yoon-yuhn] Soldiers who fought for the North in the American Civil War. (75) V Vaqueros  [vah-kair-ohz] Name given to Spanish and Mexican cowboys. (85) veto  [vee-toh] To turn down a bill. (96) volunteer  [vol-uhn-teer] A person who works without pay. (97) S salary  [sal-uh-ree] Money people make for doing a job. (147) secondary source  [sek-uhn-der-ee sohrs] A record of an event that was made by a person who was not present when an event took place. (165) standard of living  [stan-derd uhv liv-ing] The overall quality of life that people have. (147) W Wild West  [wahyld west] 20-year period of time from 1865–1885. (84) T Tenochtitlan  [ten-o-chit-clan] Capital city of the Mexica (Aztec) people. (41) Teotihuacan  [te-aw-tee-wah-kahn] Ancient city located in the Valley of Mexico. (38) 187