What has been done to help minority groups? Arizona has three large minority groups: Native Americans, Mexican Americans, and African Americans. A minority is a group of people who make up less than half of the population. A minority group is different from the majority group in some way. Culture, race, and religion are ways people can be different. Together, Arizona’s minorities make up more than one-fourth of the state’s population. Minorities in Arizona have often been treated differently. Native Americans could not vote until 1924. Minorities were sometimes refused housing or service by businesses. Some schools separated minority groups from majority students. Minority workers got less pay. While laws have been changed to protect the rights of minority groups, there is still more to be done. September 1909 Sharlot Hall becomes Arizona’s Territorial Historian, the first women to hold state office. April 1925 First issue of Arizona Highways is published. December 1934 George W. P. Hunt dies in Phoenix. 1910 1920 1930 1940 November 1918 World War I comes to an end. Summer, 1920 Great worldwide flu epidemic comes to an end. December 1941 Battleship Arizona sunk in attack on Pearl Harbor. Chapter 11 • Arizona’s People  109