How do you get a good job? Having good jobs for its citizens is a very important role that the Arizona state and local governments play for the people of Arizona. More importantly, providing good jobs is a major role that businesses of Arizona provide for the citizens. Once good jobs are available, Arizona citizens can then choose to seek those good jobs and earn a good salary. Salary is the money that people make for doing a job. Parking lots of local universities are full of cars belonging to students who are continuing their education after graduating from high school. The more education and skills students learn, the more opportunities they receive for good jobs. How do you get trained to do a job? People get trained for a job by attending schools to learn the skills they will need to do the work. The more education a person has or the more skills a person learns, the more money the person will be paid to do a job. The more money a person earns, the more goods and services they can buy. Their standard of living is said to rise. Another skill that will help a person get a good job is the ability to work well with other people. It is smart to be nice! Employers are always looking for workers who are well educated and who can get along with other employees. Jan. 1961 Stewart Udall becomes Secretary of the Interior of the United States. Nov. 1961 Morris Udall elected to United States House of Representatives. Nov. 1976 Morris Udall tries to become President of the United States. 1970 Oct. 1967 John McCain’s jet shot down over Hanoi, Vietnam and McCain becomes prisoner of war. 1980 Jan. 1968 Ernest McFarland becomes Chief Justice of Arizona Supreme Court. 1990 Aug. 1994 Cesar Chavez awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Chapter 15 • People at Work Today  147