How to Use This Book The pattern for this book is descriptive . This means that the main ideas in each chapter are organized around the chapter title or topic . Each chapter will follow a similar format so that you will know what to expect . There are three parts to every chapter . ParT One ParT TwO Arizona Features and Faces Highlights people, places, or special items of interest that have importance to Arizona . These stories are intended to make you aware of places to visit and to help you to appreciate the life work of Arizonans who have come before you . These stories may even give you an idea of a job or a career that you would like to do when you grow up . ParT Three Information Includes important information about Arizona and the American Southwest and historical people, places, and events . This section will also include information on Arizona’s cultural ties with the Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cultures . You will notice that most of the boldfaced headings are questions . As you read, find the answers to these questions . In doing so, you will better learn the main ideas in each section . Study the pictures and maps for additional clues about the topics . Finally, all the Arizona State Academic Social Studies Standards dealing with Arizona are covered in this section . Learn the information found in this section and you will master the Arizona social studies standards . Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary This is a list of terms used in the chapter which you will need to know . Look for these highlighted terms in the chapter . See how they are used in the text so you can learn what these key words mean . Reviewing the Chapter You will be asked several questions about what you read . They will help you to understand the most important concepts of the chapter . Solving Problems In each chapter, different problems faced by Arizona are described . In this section, you are asked to think and write about the problem and how it might be solved . Remember to use your best writing and to follow all the rules of grammar . 6 How to Use this Book