Archaeologists seek primary source materials as they seek artifacts in a ruins of northern Arizona. What are other types of historians? Historians use both types of research in their jobs. If given the opportunity, they would always use a primary source. Two other professions are closely related to the study of history. They are the sciences of archaeology and anthropology. Archaeology is the science that deals with past human life as shown by fossil relics and the buildings and tools left by ancient peoples. Someone who works in this science is called an archaeologist. Anthropology is the science of human beings. It is the study of their physical characteristics, their origin, and their environment. Anthropology also deals with human social relations, and their culture. Someone who works in this science is called an anthropologist. Historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists are men and women who are interested in learning from the people of the past. They help us learn the lessons of history so we are not doomed to repeat it. 166  Chapter 16 • Arizona in the 21st Century