American to make the dream of going to college and buying a home come true. In 1955 Ernest McFarland was elected Governor of Arizona. In 1968 he became the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. He was a leader of Arizona during a crucial period of time. He worked to build the Central Arizona Canal, the 336 mile canal that bring Colorado River water to the Phoenix and Tucson areas. In 1957 he helped to create the Arizona State Park system. In the years following World War II, Arizona’s economic development continued in many areas. The copper mining industry continued to provide many jobs for Arizonans. Arizona copper was sent all over the world. The housing industry “boomed,” providing many jobs. Ranchers and farmers of Arizona continued to provide beef, cotton, and food for all Americans. Copper mines continue to be an important part of Arizona’s economy. Who were the Udall brothers? Late in the 1950s, two brothers from St. Johns, Arizona were becoming important political figures. Stewart and Morris Udall would serve the people of Arizona and America for the next 30 years. Stewart Udall was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1956. In 1961 he was appointed Secretary of the Interior by President John F. Kennedy. He is best remembered for all his work in protecting the natural environment of the United States. Morris Udall was first elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1961. He would serve in the House of Representatives until 1991. In 1976 Morris Udall made an unsuccessful run to become the President of the United States. A newspaper reporter wrote of him when he retired, “For a whole generation of congressmen, Morris Udall became a mentor and a model. He was special and precious to many of us.” Morris Udall was well loved by the people of Arizona for his dedicated service to the state. Chapter 15 • People at Work Today  153