Chapter 9 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary Arizona Rangers bill amended Enabling Act Constitutional Convention constitution veto recall initiative referendum February 14, 1912 George W. P. Hunt Grand Canyon State Carl Hayden Frank Luke Jr. John Campbell Greenway Sharlot Hall Reviewing the Chapter 1. Write a brief definition of each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words. 2. What was the purpose of the Arizona Rangers? 3. What job did George W.P. Hunt perform for the people of Arizona? 4. Why did Arizona have some trouble in becoming a state after its people approved its new constitution? 5. Why is Frank Luke Jr. considered a hero by the people of Arizona? 6. Why is Sharlot Hall important to the history of Arizona? Learning More About Arizona’s citizens did not want to become a state as part of New Mexico. They wanted to be separate. This chapter mentions that Arizona’s constitution was first approved by Arizona’s citizens and by Congress, but President Taft did not approve. This forced Arizona to change its constitution so the President would approve it. After it became a state, Arizona then changed its constitution back to the way it had been to start with. Find out what it was that Arizona wanted in its constitution that President Taft did not approve. What was his argument against it and what was Arizona’s argument for it? Write a summary of what you find. Solving Problems John Campbell Greenway is one of two Arizonans who are honored in the National Hall of Statues in Washington, D.C. See if you can discover who is honored as the second Arizonan in this famous American museum. 100  Chapter 9 • Becoming a State