Arizona Faces and Features Geronimo (1829–1909) Sometime in June 1829, an Apache baby boy was born. He was named Goyakla, meaning “One Who Yawns.” He would someday become famous by his Spanish name, Geronimo. As a boy, Geronimo learned athletic skills. He trained for war. As a man, he hunted and joined the Apache raiders in their attacks on other Indian groups and Mexicans. Geronimo married and had three children. His entire family was killed by Mexican soldiers while Geronimo was away from camp. Goyakla was born in June, 1829 in what he would call No-doyohn Canyon, Arizona. He grew up to become a shaman or medicine man of his Bedonkohe Apache people. The Bedonkohe Apache was a family group of the Chiricahua Apaches. Mexican soldiers gave him the name Geronimo because of his brave feats in battle. The Spanish name Geronimo means Jerome when translated to English. 90  Chapter 8 • Territorial Growth