This monument, dedicated  to the Confederate  soldiers who once  occupied Tucson in 1862,   is located in the Wesley  Bolin Plaza, in Phoenix. On May 4, 1862 the Confederate flag was lowered over Tucson. Captain Hunter and his men left Tucson. The Confederate stay in Arizona was over. On June 7, 1862 Colonel James Carleton entered the pueblo of Tucson. The Stars and Stripes was raised high above the old, adobe town. On June 8, 1862 he declared the land a territory of the United States of America. He named the land the Territory of Arizona. The American flag raised  above Tucson on June 7,  1862 contained 34 stars.  The U.S. Congress adopted  it on July 4, 1861. Only  Abraham Lincoln served as  President of the United  States under this 34-star  flag. Chapter 7 • Finding an Identity 77