Chapter 15 People at Work Today Most elementary students talk about what they want to be when they grow up. Many children talk of being a doctor, computer programmer, or fireman. Some want to grow up and become scientists, own a business, or become a teacher. There are many jobs for young students to grow up and do as adults. More jobs are being invented each year. All of these are occupations, or the kinds of work people do. They are part of the economy of Arizona. Economics is the study of the jobs people do, the money they make, and how they spend or save their money. Each person who works to make money decides how to spend that money. Should they buy a new car with their earned money? Should they buy a new home or new clothes? Or, should they pay someone to fix a broken washing machine? People have choices as to how they spend the money they earn from their jobs. Standards’ Vocabulary occupation economics salary taxes entrepreneur interest good citizenship Ernest McFarland G.I. Bill Civil Rights segregated Cesar Chavez John McCain June 1944 G.I. Bill becomes law. Nov. 1955 Ernest Dec. 1955 Martin Luther McFarland elected King Jr. becomes leader governor of Arizona. of America’s Civil Rights Movement. Dec. 1955 Rosa Parks refuses to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama. 1940 Nov. 1954 Stewart Udall elected to United States House of Representatives. May 1954 United States Supreme Court rules on Brown verses Topeka, Kansas Board of Education. 1950 1960 July 1957 Arizona State Parks established. June 1958 John McCain graduates from United States Naval Academy. 146  Chapter 15 • People at Work Today