The Mayo Clinic Hospital in north Scottsdale, Arizona provides health care and jobs for many people living in this area of Arizona. Some Arizona citizens are educated and trained to work in medicine or to work in tourism. Some citizens are trained to operate a farm or run a business. There are many jobs that a citizen can choose to work. They must be educated or trained to do those jobs. How do good jobs help Arizona’s economy? When people make money from their work, they spend that money on goods and services. These goods and services are provided by other people and businesses. The money moves from one person to another. When this money quickly moves between people, everyone is making a good living. The economy is said to be good. When money moves slowly or does not move at all from person to person, the economy is said to be bad. Businesses often have different prices for the same goods and services. They are trying to encourage citizens to buy from their business. If a business does not price its goods and services fairly, citizens will not buy from the business. The business will fail. 148  Chapter 15 • People at Work Today