Chapter 11 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary natural resources heritage multicultural minority migrate Carmen Soto Vasquez Hispanic Fred Harvey Harvey House Harvey Girls Barry M. Goldwater Reviewing the Chapter, 1. How is each of the “Standards Vocabulary” words important to Arizona? 2. Name the different minority groups that have had a part in Arizona’s growth. 3. What are the major reasons given in this chapter for different groups coming to Arizona? List each group and the reason it came. 4. Why was the work of Fred Harvey so important in bringing more people to Arizona and all the West? 5. Pretend you are a Harvey Girl who has just arrived to work in the La Posada Resort of Winslow. Write a letter back to your folks in Illinois telling them about your trip to Arizona. Solving Problems In this chapter there is the comment that things have improved for minority groups, but there is still much to be done. Find out what is meant by that statement. What has been done to solve the problem of discrimination? What protections have been created for minority groups? How are minority group members better off now than they were twenty or thirty years ago? How are they still treated unfairly? You will find the answers to these questions in news magazines, newspapers, and books on civil rights. Write a summary of what you find. Learning More About Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter was the architect of many of the Harvey buildings of Arizona. Research the names of the buildings that she designed in Arizona. Contact the businesses that now use those Harvey buildings and see if you can learn more about the Fred Harvey Company, Mary Jane Colter, and the Harvey Girls. 116  Chapter 11 • Arizona’s People