r Lifezones of Arizona r r Merriam’s Lifezone Chart Modern Lifezone Chart Look at the chart above. It is a model of Dr. Merriam’s lifezones. Modern scientists have made new names for the lifezones. The chart shows both sets of names. At least 3,500 kinds of plants grow in Arizona. Some are the amazing cacti while others are small bushes called “scrub.” One-fourth of Arizona is covered with forests. The ponderosa pine tree can get as tall as 100 feet. It is Arizona’s largest lumber tree. Its seeds were a valuable source of food for the Indian people. The desert palo verde tree is Arizona’s state tree. Its name means, “green stick.” In the spring it is covered with beautiful yellow flowers. Seventy kinds of cactus plants grow in the deserts. Besides the saguaro cactus, other large cacti include the organ pipe and the “teddy bear” cholla. Even though it has a cute name, its thorns keep it from being very cuddly. r 24  Chapter 2 • The Land