Prescott. Six months later, in 1865, the capital was moved into Prescott. After moves to Tucson in 1867 and back to Prescott in 1877, the capital was finally located in the small farming community of Phoenix in 1889. The first legislature met in 1864. The legislature is a group of people elected to make laws. There was much to be done in the new Territory. Mail routes were organized. Laws for the new Territory were written. The government could not afford to build roads, so six toll roads were built. People pay to use a toll road. The Santa Maria Toll Road ran from Prescott to the Colorado River. The fee was two-and-one-half cents each mile for a rider on horseback or four cents each mile for a wagon. Map shows location of Navajo Springs, Arizona Territory. April 1865 American Civil War ends. September 1865 Fort McDowell established. Spring, 1867 John Y.T. Smith starts hay camp in Salt River Valley. Fall, 1867 Territorial capital moved to Tucson. November 1867 Jack Swilling Irrigation and Canal Company established in Salt River Valley. Fall, 1877 Territorial capital moves back to Prescott. September 1886 Geronimo surrenders for the last time. The Apache Wars are over. 1875 1880 1885 1890 1895 Years 1865–1885 The time in history known as the “Wild West.” October 1870 Farming community of Phoenix is established. October 1872 Cochise and his people agree to live on a reservation. January 1889 Phoenix becomes territorial capital. Chapter 8 • Territorial Growth  83