Thirty-one lakes across Arizona help provide Arizonans with fresh drinking water. These lakes are also great locations to fish, boat, and enjoy the natural beauty of Arizona. ever-growing population. Having enough water is always a challenge for people who live in a desert region. The issue of illegal immigration is also a big challenge for Arizona. Many people from Mexico and other lands want to come to Arizona to work. Arizona uses these people to do many different jobs. How do we get these workers legally into Arizona? Many of our political leaders are working to solve this problem. Progress never comes without problems and challenges. But problems and challenges also provide opportunities for finding creative solutions. We know that we can work together to solve our problems as they come up. What are some of Arizona’s natural wonders? Natural wonders are found in all parts of Arizona. The San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff form the highest mountain range in Arizona. The red rocks of Sedona are an artist’s or photographer’s paradise. The rolling, green fields near Sonoita and Patagonia are a horse-lover’s joy. Canyon de Chelly near Chinle is spectacular. Mount Graham near Safford is home to Arizona’s newest telescopes. Sunsets in the forest of saguaro cacti near Tucson are beautiful. The ancient forest of petrified wood near Holbrook is world famous. 10  Chapter 1 • Arizona Today