Ideas For Discussion Our lives are very different today from the lives of the people who lived in the early cultures of Arizona. Many people today often say they wish we lived “simpler lives” like earlier people. Write an essay that shows the contrast between our lives today and those of people who lived in the southwest several hundred years ago. Do you agree with those who would like to go back to that kind of simpler living? Why or why not? Would you like to live in the way that those early people lived? Reading and Writing Connection with Arizona’s History Learning to read aloud with fluency is an important reading skill. Select a paragraph from Chapter 2. Now practice reading the following paragraph until you can read it with great fluency. Then read your paragraph for your classmates and parents. Here is a paragraph for you to read: “Archaeologists are like detectives. They look for clues that will help them understand when and how the early people lived. Until the last hundred years, scientists have known little about the earliest people in the Southwest. ” Pottery from the Mogollon people in Arizona. Chapter 3 • Review Activities  37