How do the branches of state government work? The state government in Arizona is modeled after the federal government. It has three parts called branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial. The legislative branch makes the laws. It is divided into two groups: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Both groups must approve a new law before it can be passed. This is done so the Senate and the House can keep a check on each other. A The Castilian flag was  carried into the land that  would become Arizona by  the army of Coronado in  May 1540. B The Mexican flag flew  over the land that would  become Arizona between  1824–1848. C Captain Sherrod Hunter  brought the Confederate  Stars and Bars Flag to  Tucson, Arizona in January  1862. D The California Column  brought the United States  Star Spangled Banner back  to Tucson, Arizona in May  1862. C  Confederate flag D  United States flag Caption 1939  Lalo Guerrero  records first record  Los Abonos. January 1972  William  Rehnquist becomes  first Arizona resident  appointed to the United  States Supreme Court. April 1988  Rose Mofford  becomes first woman  governor of Arizona. May 1998  Barry  Goldwater dies. March 2005  Lalo Guerrero dies. 1950 November 1952  Barry  Goldwater elected to  United States Senate. September 1981  Sandra  Day O’Connor of Arizona  becomes first woman appointed to United States  Supreme Court. 2000 December 2003  Polly Rosenbaum dies. September  2005  Chief Justice William  Rehnquist dies. Chapter 12 • Arizona’s Government  119