Chapter 7 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary         capital  transcontinental  Uncle Sam  Manuelito  Navajo Long Walk  Confederate  Union  Sherod Hunter  James Carleton Picacho Peak Abraham Lincoln Charles Poston Reviewing the Chapter 1. How are each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words important to Arizona’s history? 2. Why was the Civil War important to Arizona history? 3. Why did Arizona first join the Confederacy instead of the Union side? 4. What was Charles Poston’s major contribution to Arizona? Learning More About People in Arizona wanted the area to become a separate territory from New Mexico. Why was becoming a separate territory so important? What was gained from becoming a separate territory? What were the arguments used in Congress for and against Arizona becoming a territory? List advantages to Arizona and arguments against Arizona territorial status. Solving Problems This chapter mentioned the importance of the railroad to the people who were living in the territory at this time. Why do you think they thought the railroad was so important? Why were they happy for the Butterfield Overland Stage Line? How do these early Arizona issues of transportation compare to modern Arizona’s transportation problems? Ideas For Discussion When the southern part of what is now Arizona became a Confederate Territory in 1861, the area around Tucson became known in the north as a place of “southern sympathizers.” After the Civil War, the northerners discriminated against Tucson for that reason. Tucson residents were required to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. The territorial capital was moved to Fort Whipple in the north of the territory. Why did the people in 80 Chapter 7 • Finding an Identity