Marshall Trimball State hiStorian: marshall trimble Arizona is a land of many treasures and wonders, including the state’s official historian, Marshall Trimble. He moved with his family to the small Arizona town of Ash Fork at the end of World War II. He became a teacher at Coronado High School in Scottsdale. When Scottsdale Community College opened in 1972, Marshall wrote his first book, Arizona, for the students in his community college class. Over the years, Mr. Trimble has written more than fifteen books about his beloved Arizona. He has become known as the “Will Rogers” of Arizona and has become a much-soughtafter performer. This Arizona teacher, author, performer, and “all around good guy” became the Arizona Official State Historian in 1997. Another of Arizona’s amazing treasures! State ColorS: blue blue and gold gold the flag of arizona The red and gold of the Arizona flag are the colors of the Spanish flag that Coronado carried into Arizona and ties Arizona to its Spanish heritage. The blue is the same blue as the flag of the United States and ties Arizona to the United States of America. The gold of the 13 rays is a symbol of a setting sun that honors the 13 original colonies of the United States and identifies Arizona as a western state of the United States. The copper star identifies Arizona as one of the states of the United States and the color copper honors the great copper mineral wealth ofArizona. Arizona state flag Caption 174  Official Symbols of the State of Arizona