The beautiful Phoenix City Hall building located in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. What is the job of Arizona city and county governments? Just like the Arizona state government, the cities and counties of Arizona also have groups of elected citizens. These officials oversee the running of city and county government. The mayor is the highest elected official of city government. The mayor is responsible for enforcing all city and state laws. The governing groups of these local governments are the city councils and the county boards of supervisors. These groups deal with the local issues such as land use and neighborhood issues. Sometimes local issues are the same as statewide issues. When this happens the local and state governments work closely together so that the needs of the citizens of Arizona are best met. What are the responsibilities and roles of the citizens of Arizona? Arizonans are first citizens of the United States of America then citizens of Arizona. Characteristics of good citizenship both as Americans and Arizonans tend to be the same. Good citizens obey and follow the law. Good citizens do not steal from or hurt their neighbors. Good citizens get involved with local schools, churches, and communities. Good citizens make life better for all the people of the state and nation. Chapter 15 • People at Work Today  151