Who was Cochise? The great chief, Cochise, led the Chiricahua Apaches of southeastern Arizona. He and his people had lived both in peace and at war with the Americans for many years. In October 1872 Cochise finally agreed to sign a peace treaty assuring that his people could live in their homelands of the Chiricahua Mountains. But his hope of peace would not yet happen. Some Indian tribes were forced to settle on reservations, land that had been set aside for them. This land was much smaller than their earlier territory. The Apache people fought for their land. The struggle to resettle the Apaches lasted for twenty years. It is known in history as the Apache Wars. Who was Geronimo? During this time, the famous warrior Geronimo fought soldiers and raided ranches and settlements in southeastern Arizona. In 1886, Geronimo surrendered and was sent to Florida. He never returned to Arizona. The warfare between the Native American peoples and the American settlers was now over. Arizona was now ready to become a state of the United States of America. This map shows several important, historic places during the time of the Apache Wars. 88  Chapter 8 • Territorial Growth