Chapter 8 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary governor legislature toll roads Wild West Texas Longhorn vaqueros la reata buckaroo reservations Apache Wars Buffalo Soldiers Geronimo Reviewing the Chapter 1. Use each of the Standards’ Vocabulary words correctly in a sentence. 2. What happened to the location of the capital of the Territory of Arizona? 3. What were some of the new laws that the first legislature passed in 1864? 4. Who were the American cowboys? What caused the end of the Wild West? 5. What was the purpose of the Apache Wars? the solutions you wrote were not tried? What effect did the placing of Arizona’s Native American people onto reservations have on the Indian people? Learning More About The territorial period in Arizona was one of great growth. What changes came to Arizona because of the growth? Some of the changes involved new people, new towns, new ways of living. Suppose you were a person who lived in Arizona before it became a territory. Pretend you saw what happened as a result of the growth while it was a territory. What would be different around you? How would your life be changed? Write about these changes as though you were that person. Write it in the “first person.” That is, say something like: “I saw many new people move into my town, and I . . .” Solving Problems The United States government tried to solve the problem of Native Americans who wanted to fight the Americans by sending the entire tribes onto reservations. Make a list of three or four other solutions that could have been tried. With each one, write what would have to be done to make the fighting stop. Why do you think that 92  Chapter 8 • Territorial Growth