Chapter 14 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary descendants adaptation conflict Peace Policy reservation Gila River Indian Reservation Navajo Code Talker Reviewing the Chapter 1. How are each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words important to Arizona’s Indian people? 2. How were the ways of the American settlers in conflict with the ways of the Indians? 3. Research the life of President Ulysses S. Grant. When did he first become important in American history? Report your findings to the class. 4. What challenges do the Indians in Arizona still face today? 5. What did the code talkers do to help the military in World War II? tribes in Arizona done to try to solve this problem? What have they done to adapt to the modern world? What would be lost if they chose to abandon their culture? Try to talk to people of Indian descent about the problem and find out how they feel. Write an essay about what you find and propose any other solutions to this problem that you might think of. Learning More About Pick any Indian tribe in Arizona about which you would like to learn more. Your assignment is to find out as much as you can about that tribe today: its current culture, the lifestyle of its people, the problems it faces, how its people make a living, where they live, how many of the people there are now, and any other information you can find about the current status of that tribe. Write a summary of what you find. Solving Problems The many Indian tribes in Arizona have faced a great problem for many years. That problem is how to live in American society while still keeping their own Indian culture. What have the various Indian 144  Chapter 14 • Indian Nations of Arizona in the 21st Century