Chapter 16 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary history current events historian primary sources secondary sources archaeologist anthropologist Reviewing the Chapter 1. Use each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words in a sentence that shows the meaning of the term. 2. The people and culture of Arizona have always been closely tied to the people and culture of Mexico. Make a list of all the items in your life that have been influenced by the culture of Mexico. 3. Why are the National Parks and Monuments and the Arizona State Parks important to Arizonans of the 21st century? What can you do to help preserve these places for Arizonans of the 22nd century? 4. Write an essay entitled “Why It Is Important To Learn History.” Share your essay with your classmates. 5. Make a list of the current events that are a part of your life today. Do you think any of them will become stories of history for the kids of the 22nd century? Solving Problems The rapid growth of Arizona’s population is a major challenge for the people of Arizona. Make a list of the positive effects population growth brings to Arizona. Make a second list of the negative effects population growth brings to Arizona. Discuss with your classmates the two lists that you completed. Learning More About Rex Allen and Rex Allen Jr. are two Arizonans from the town of Willcox, Arizona. In fact, the Rex Allen Museum is located in downtown Willcox. Research the life stories of these two men and report what you find out back to your classmates. Maybe you can even learn to sing a couple of their songs, and then sing them for your classmates. 168  Chapter 16 • Arizona in the 21st Century