Chapter 2 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary latitude longitude elevation desert Sonoran Desert Mogollon Rim Colorado Plateau plateau lifezone Reviewing the Chapter 1. Write a one-sentence definition of each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary” words. 2. Write a paragraph that identifies the three different kinds of land in Arizona and describes the location of each in Arizona. 3. What is unique about the “four corners area” of Arizona? 4. Write a short summary about Dr. Clinton Hart Merriam’s theory of lifezones. Be sure to include a main idea and three supporting details 5. What makes a cactus a cactus? done. Write a paragraph describing what you think should be done about erosion. Learning More About Each of the different land areas in Arizona is unique and has different uses. Find out how each kind of land is used. For example, the mountain areas are much used for recreation, while some of the desert is used for agriculture. Write the three types of land at the top of your paper; write its use underneath each type. Ideas For Discussion Historians do not really know exactly where the name Arizona came from and what it means. You have learned that the name Arizona may have come from three possible words: Ali-Shonak, Arriona, or Aritz-ona. Compare and contrast the meanings of these three words and conclude which one you think would best explain how the name Arizona came to be used for our beautiful state. Solving Problems Erosion is a major cause of constant change in the land; it is responsible for creating the Grand Canyon. Read in your library about the causes of erosion and list each cause. Next to each cause, write what you think might be a way to prevent it. Now decide which remedies for erosion are practical and which probably cannot be 26  Chapter 2 • The Land