Chapter 12 Review Review Activities Standards’ Vocabulary   branches    legislative    executive  judicial  interdependent  counties William Rehnquist Sandra Day O’Connor Reviewing the Chapter 1. How are each of the “Standards’ Vocabulary ” words related to government in Arizona? 2. What countries’ flags have flown over the land of Arizona? List the years that these flags flew over Arizona. 3. What are the three branches of government in Arizona and the purpose of each? 4. How many counties are there in Arizona? 5. Make a list of the characteristics of good citizenship. Share your list with your classmates. Can you come up with a list that all your classmates agree upon? classroom citizens. Make a list of these ideas. With a classroom vote, determine the most important three ideas. Then, with all your classmates, create plans to make these three ideas come true. Learning More About Choose whether you would like to learn more about William Rehnquist or Sandra Day O’Connor. Go to your school library, your community library, the Arizona Historical Society, or the Arizona Room of the Phoenix Central Library to find as much as you can about the person you choose. Newspapers may have files that could help you. You could also visit or write to a historical society to see what they might have. Write a “biographical sketch” about the life of the person you have chosen. Solving Problems Being a good citizen of your classroom is an important job of every student. With your classmates, brainstorm ideas as to how all of you can become even better 124  Chapter 12 • Arizona’s Government